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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Albania - Step One

Step One:
I have moved. I am living below my good friends, PJ and Janet in a cute little studio apt below their home in Humboldt. Alley loves it. Heidi is not adjusting well. But step one towards Albania is done...move out and put stuff in storage. Yippee. Can I hear a Woot!
Two days after moving, I had surgery (downsizing of the "girls") and Heidi ran away that night, she was headed to the highway to go "home" poor baby. Today she went the other direction ended up at Bailey Park - had to have crossed Main Street (three lanes) still my heart. Seamus is ...gone...He went with Sam to Marks but only made it a few nights... So it has not been a smooooooth mooooove, but we are here.
I leave for the beach Thursday (another woot needed here) for four days.
No swimming for the "girls" but sun, sand and a good book...I am excited. First vacation in 10 years (over 20 if you are just counting the beach). I cannot wait to post pictures and antectdotes. The picture posted here is the cahirs they will put out for us every day in Destin.
So, see you then bloggers.