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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Woman Currently Without Country

So, they say, "How was Australia?", "Are you still going to Albania?"

I was in the shower and this question was posed to me, "do I love the country or the call?" Do I just want to live "somewhere else" or do I wan to evangelize? 

I don't know and my shallow mind does not want to expend the energy to think about it. - or to think that deep.
I guess my discontent is with my job now, I really enjoyed working at my summer job, and I cannot imagine 12 more years of wrangling squirrels and trying to impart knowledge upon them. 
No, I don't really care where I live, the only reason I am "here" is because of tremendous debt, and comparably, this is a good paying gig. But I still feel like I am not making any headway.
I'd rather be having coffee with people, visiting, discussing topics worth thinking about, and to be honest, going to the restroom when I want to (ask any teacher about this dilemma).  Maybe I should work in a coffee shop in Thailand...

I know God doesn't "care" where I am as long as I am doing His work, but I need a change, I need any door that God opens to be opened WIDE!

So, how was Australia?
I absolutely loved it. But now I am MORE confused.