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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I'm Back!

Well, I'm back. It has been a few years and much news later...
For those of you who need catching up here -

  • I've been back to Albania and to Romania
  • My sweet Heidi passed away last April 2016
  • I now have Hamish (a very mean and bad cat, but when he acts like a puppy he is ok)
  • I am going to Australia June 8 to see my boy, his girl and Julie as well as many nieces and Harry!
So, watch this space, I will put all my Australia pictures here and Facebook, but descriptions of days will be here.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Departure and Arrival. June 20 and 21. Sunday 22nd

Ok, so these lovely ladies took me to Memphis to catch my flight. My travelling buddy - Ronda, and my sweet Annie. It was way too early for anyone to be up and driving!

This is the Mississippi River just after take off, Tennessee to the left (east) Arkansas to the right (west).

This shows some weird kind of circluar fields, not sure what that is all about?!?!

 I thought this was cool, where green instantly goes to desert. Not sure where we are but thought it looked interesting.

Coming in to LA lots of  "little boxes".

 No sir, that is not another freeway next to the freeway it is the California Aquaduct. Yes, it is dry. It is California.

 Yay, Smog City.

 You gotta love those cloverleafs.

 So I had 11 hours in LAX. This is me waiting with my luggage for the Virgin Australia gate to open. No, I was not happy!

 I spent a lot of time hanging out here at the Tom Bradly International Terminal.
 Feeling a little like "The Terminal" here...Tom Hanks!

 My departure lounge finally, only 5 hours to go....

 Wishing this was me...sigh

 Finally boarding.

 The view from my seat.

Coming into Sydney...finally.
I made it. I'm back in Sydney. Its been not only a while since I was here, but also since I have blogged.

I survived the dreaded and now famed 11 hour layover in LA (I will NEVER do that again, but alas, I said I would never fly Delta again and....). Sam, Tahlia and Julie met me at the airport at 7 am on Sunday. In an effort to keep me awake, Julie made me go to morning church at Gymea Baptist and then also to night church (the younger crowd). I was allowed to go to bed at

I thought this was hilarious. In the Home Depot type store called "Bunnings" the isle with the nuts, bolts, skrews, called "fixings". 

Sunday, service at Gymea Baptist..just two short excerpts.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Wanted: Time or Tips
I looked at this blog the other day and realized I have been to Australia twice and had a whole school year (practically) since my last post. Not that nothing is happening in my  crazy upbeat life, but that I have way too much going on for a single, __ year old mother of a CairnShitzu.

For the record (of those who complain to me about their 5 hour shift), I wake at 5:45 am, take Heidi out, shower, dress (for unpredictable West TN weather), get coffee, maybe breakfast, leave for school. Hang out with 850 screaming kids from 7:30 to 4:00, head home let Heidi out, change, head to The Red Door Cafe (best restaurant in West Tennessee),  work the usual 5:00-9:00 or 10:30. So If I say I am a little probably should believe me and not try to top my story.
Granted this is my schedule for 2 days.  But I am ____years old.

I would love to excersise, I even have a treadmill and bike at my disposal, but by the time I get home at 4:00 (the days I don't work at the wonderful cafe) I am dead.
So If you have some time left over from your day can you roll them over to me? just asking. Or you could treadmill for me? Will that work?
Maybe you should just come the The Red Door Cafe and leave me a big tip! Yeah, that's better.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Room 315, The NEW Art Room

made with Photosynth app on iphone...

Art and the New Evaluation Tool for Teachers

Yep, I predict a worse education system in this country and stupider kids, yep I said stupider. All decent careing teachers will quit, all new teachers will not pursue the profession, and who knows what will teach our kids. We teach because we want kids to learn, we are excited and get pumped about kids learning. NOT about paperwork, forced lessons by rote or reading and writing in Art. Art class is for

This is an excellent read:

Thursday, September 8, 2011


WARNING:  Soap Box is placed and I am standing on it!
  With all the "evaluation" crud coming down upon teachers, I am yet again agast at the idiotic ways the "government" thinks we should teach and be measured for our teaching. The new evaluation model, without exception, stifles creative teaching, adds more stress to teachers and therefore students, and asks for teachers to teach in 55 minutes what in all reality would take days. With all this is the "testing" issue. My subject is not tested by standardized tests, and note here- IT SHOULD NOT BE!

       But then how can the "state" evaluate me?  So now, I am evaluated upon what other teachers do or do not teach as reflected on how a student scores on their test. Need I even mention here the kid who sits and in the last five minutes of the test creates a sailboat in their bubbled in circles. Yep, that's fair.

I found this website and I highly recommend it as a good read. If only I could get the government and the powers that be to read it and believe it! Here is a small excerp....
I am certain there are more answers than one can conceive, and much has been written about this question, which seems to be as big as the infamous daunting one, ”What is art?” But the question that truly interests me is, “Why teach art in the 21st century?” Why teach art in an age in which so little importance is given to the subject in a school curriculum? The answer is so simple that it is almost absurd. We live in a global economy, in an age in which infrastructure is the key word to explain economic dynamism, and mobility is the requirement that insures one is ahead of the game. In a post-modern world there is an increasing demand for creativity, seen as the competitive key to innovative ideas and the continuous development of the marketplace. The search is constantly scrutinizing candidates who are attentive, problem solver, and who can make decisions without hesitation.
Those three elements are the answer to my question. To teach art first means to learn about art, and then to make art. Learning art requires attention, and develops the analytical skill to dissect and interpret a situation (a work of art) by focusing on each component and being alert of unexpected paradigms. Art students not only make works of art, they also make decisions, and must take full responsibility for choices that are wholly theirs. They learn the skills to address unknown situations and all issues that rise from it; whether it is a technical problem, a conceptual issue or an unforeseen logistic wrinkle.
We teach art in the 21st century because the 21st century needs creative minds that can face the complexities of a multilayered reality, offer solutions, and follow through their completion and successful outcomes. Art teaches abstract principles that fully prepare the young mind for adult life. Once acquired, they can be applied to any subject and any aspect of life."

Thank you