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Sunday, March 28, 2010

It is a strong one today...reader beware.

I don't know about you but I am tired of knowing hypocritical Christians. Now, I sin, and constantly, that is not what I am talking about. That is why repentance and grace are so wonderful.  I am talking about those who say they are Christian but their life, habits, and mouth do not reflect the unconditional love of God. They do not know what God says about any topic, or if they do they don't believe it.

The message today at Northbrook  (from Chuck) was from 1Peter 3. We have been studying this book and person for this latest series (go to here to hear the messages).  Peter is concerned what the world sees when they look at Christians.
Chuck (and Christ) challenged us to the following promises. Are you willing to sign on?

I will represent Jesus well, everything I am, everywhere I am, even if I have to suffer in the process.
I will preach the gospel with my life and lips, and will do so with respect and love.
I will not conform to the sinful habits and tastes and teachings of the culture.  I will live like Jesus
...and it will honor God.

John Stott says, "The problem we experience, whenever we think about the church, concerns the tensions between the ideal and the reality. The ideal is beautiful. The church is the chosen and beloved people of God, his own special treasure, the covenant community to who he has committed himself forever, engaged in continuous worship of God and in compassionate outreach to the world, a haven of love and peace, ans pilgrim people headed for the eternal city. BUT in reality we who claim to be the church are are often a motley rabble of rather scruffy individuals, half-educated and half-saved, uninspired in our worship, constantly bickering with each other, concerned more for our maintenance than our mission, struggling and stumbling along the road, needing constant rebuke and exhortation, which are readily available from the OT prophets and NT apostles."

If you decide to "sign on" then know it is not easy and it requires you to be familiar with what God says. And boys and girls, this is only thru his Word: the Bible!  The only way to live out those three things above is to know what you are believing. to know what the truth is. It is not the church of Oprah or any particular sect. It is living as God's word tells us.

The honor, glory and blessing is to be God's, not mine. It is all about Him, not me.

Hold me accountable, please. And if you desire to "sign on" let me know in the comments.