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Sunday, November 30, 2008


'tis me again, Heidi. Mummy is dooning the dishes so I is here typing wif no thumbs pretty good, eh? We have been giving franks for many things. It is my turn now. I am most frankful for my fwamwy...mummy, boy, daddy(who visited me yesterday, shume)and some of boys friends. Franks also to my best fwend Rudy down da street, he is werery gwate. Also franks for God's word, mummy reads alowd to me in her funny accent or in "cheep" I just wub it! It is good to stop a minute and give franks. Jesus teaches us to do this all the time, not just at Frankxgiving...So my word today is let's be frankful ALL the time.!

Gezuar (sort of like "cheers" to yous fwamwy from oz)

Friday, November 28, 2008

A Framily Thanksgiving

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This was what we did for Thanksgiving, we were Maxwells, like always!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Falenderim / Thanksgiving

I give thanks to God for ....
Family: Sam, My Mummy, Skinners, Smiths, Reasons, Headens, Chisholms, Walkers, C and C, Heidi

Framily: Maxwell, Blakely, Prince, Welch/Green, Wright, Bustrum, Rushing, Baldwin, Page, Cody, Amanda B,Trista and Charlie, Mayfield, Jackson, Frommel, George, Hall, Lynn, Lala, Cotton

Friends: Bennett, Roberts, Smith, Pflasterer, Autry, Donnell, Carol B, Lavelle, Sikes, My Youth, Wendie, ShellyAnn, Scott, Willis, Matt T, Neilsen, McCravy, Rowcliff, Murray,Jeanie, D and D Smith, Fike, Elmer, Holmes, Jackie H, McKelvey, Steven Major, Mauney-Woods, Katharina, Harris, Alicia, Sadki, Olsen-Leckie, Moores, Malones, Jan B, Zandy

Other: Fall days, roof over my head, best doggy in the world (who right now is asleep with me in the bed), the passion for missions my God has given me, the new "family" I have in Albania already, good health, 80's music, a sweet son, a likeable ex-husband, old disco music, fireplaces, Australian beaches, the fact that I was born in that paradise, a job in this ecomomic time, this two-horse town (sometimes), people who believe in me when I don't, my gifts and abilities, my heritage, good books, no cable TV, internet, hearing children giggle, hearing an adult tell a child they are sorry, thanksgiving dinner at school, my lunch bunch of guys.

Well that just about exhausted me. If I forgot you, I am so sorry, I am so thankful for you too. Without you, my life would have been so much harder and not as fun! Happy Thanksgiving.
Te dua (I love you).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fall Foliage, Beards and Nuts.

Heidi was out playing in the leaves this morning and she just bounces around in them, it is very adorable. Every now and then, when ever she is outside, she will look up to check that I am watching. Now whether this is an endearment, " oh, my mummy is watching me, she loves me" or a "dang, she be watching, how can I run away to my freedom when she be watching". Either way today was hilarious, she looks up at me, and two huge massive maple leaves, one orange, one red are hanging from her beard. I would dare anyone to not laugh.

This immediately took me back a couple of years when my sister came to visit me and we went to Fall Creek Falls for a few days (after New York, which is another story). We spent part of one afternoon following a squirrel (there aren't squirrels in Australia) so they tend to fascinate us. This guy was hunting diligently for "where the heck did I hide that one nut!" He would run and dig under the leaves, then sigh (yes we saw him sigh) and run and dig some more, this went on for a while. Finally, he rose up from a digging with the nut in his hands (yes, they have hands, this is part of the fascination) held it above his head like a trophy, and at that moment the clouds parted and sunlight streamed onto him from above, I am sure we heard a "ahhhhh" in four part harmony from the heavens. This is true, ask Julie. But, it occured to me as Heidi looked at me with added color and foliage to her beard, that God has a sense of humor. Nature has humor, as I just noted, and he created it! So as I laugh at a squirrel, Heidi or some cat that lays in the middle of my driveway (not mine by the way), I know God created humor.

What humorous God stories do you have...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

crying cookies

Heidi came in from outside and recieved her treat. She loves that part of going outside. In fact, all I have to do when she runs away is stand outside and scream "treat", "wanna treat?" and here she comes 90 miles an hour doing the "super doggy " flying thing. Anyway so I give her the treat and off she goes to eat it on my white duvet. I go to the kitchen, after a minute or two I hear crying, like oh "poor puppy in trouble" or "I am trapped in my crate" crying. It was pitiful, so I run in and Heidi is crying to her cookie..."Oh cookie you are soooo beautiful, I want you so bad, that I cannot eat you because I am so inamorded!" or something, who knows. So, I asked, "um, Hoot, why are you crying to your cookie?" I recieved no answer just a look of longing at the cookie?!? so I said, "hello cookie?" nothing, I did note that it was a little wet. Tears or drool, I am not sure. Anyway, I told Heidi, "mam you need to eat the cookie or hide it, one. You cannot just cry at the cookie it is unnatural". She picked it up and ate it. S T R A N G E. And you think I am crazy...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall/Vjeshtë and Jewelry

Walked outside today to wonderful crisp Fall air. And suddenly (it is always suddenly) my trees are changing colors. See...
I am so lucky to have such a beautiful yard with so many trees, we had 26 once, I need to count again, we have lost some in various storms. Heidi spend most of midday out side in the sun, she likes to "frolic" and "gambal" in the leaves...too cute.

Why is it that Fall air smells different...any scientifci minds need to let me know...

Sold some jewelry at the fall fest last night. Not enough, but some. Here are some pictures of stuff, you want it, let me know...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hewwo, I is back or chkimmi in cheep

Hewwo, I, Heidi is back.
Mummy is tired, long day with funny smelling short people. She say, "Hootie, hit the internet chile' and tell everyone what is doing" So Ibees typin wif out thumbs..pretty good eh? We eat, we sleep, we work, we speek cheep. K, mummy speek cheep. Heidi listens. I is a good girl, ask anyone (but Trista, she no like me or catz)...(shh, I don like her shume either) ooo I said cheep - shume bees much....oooo I is happy, see my tail. Iz can learn. I is best puppy in world says mummy, she smilin at Heidi right now.
I have a word....Mummy says the blog beez for "a word" so mine is God loves you! yep, he love Heidi too, don chu forgit it.
Tanks for the comments last time I had a word. I pree-she-ate-it. (that was a big word).
Mummy says God's word for today is 2 Chronicles 20:6 ( love to have the words of God read to me, theys go like this...)
2Chronicles 20:6
"O Lord, God of our fathers, are you not the God who is in heaven? You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. Power and might are in your hand, and no one can withstand you."
Mummy said we need to remember to pray for Mr. Obama now that he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, or sumtink like that.
K, bye I wanna go to bed now.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thoughts just picked out of the Random Box

As I wait for honey chicken to finish cooking...mmm smells really good, i thought I would jot down some thoughts. I have felt a little defeated as of late. I REALLY want to go to Albania but things are moving so slow. Why is God's timing never our timing. I get that it is ISN"T out timing, but why is it NEVER our timing. I need a house to sell (so does JJ) and it is really holding me back in sooooo many ways. Not only Albania, but each month I go a little more in debt. Not good in my book. I will pause here because you know I am not a negative nelly to say that Heidi is the cutest and smartest puppy in the world.
Ok, back to thoughts. My house smells really bad, well until I masked it with Honey Chicken. I hope that works. the two candles burning aren't. I need to clean bathrooms, pull down wall paper, paint, fold and put away my clean clothes (hey they are washed!) and find a part time job. Target called and said they had something, then I got a letter saying they didn't. Huh? They were so desperate, what did they need people to work overnight? So I asked for Wed night off..big deal.
Ok, back to thoughts. Alley is really old (cat) will she ever go on. I'll be sad, but she is old and I do want to go to Albania. So we are back at the beginning. My Ship (or cheep as Heidi says it) is going ok. My new language book is confusing, but I listen to the tape to get my pronuciation right. I think at best I will understand but not speak it. My tongue does not curve right to pronounce the "r" in Albanian. And according to our speech teacher, she cannot see how I am even making the American ones work. Think I'll give up and just speak Aussie. That would cause a stir.
Ok, back to thoughts. Why does vista have so many glitches, it is getting to where I cannot function for more than about 30 minutes and I have to shut 'er down! augh.
Ok, let me know your thoughts.....