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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cat Litter, Discipline, Faith and Obedience

Hewwooo, I beez  Heidi,

Today I been disciplined. an' I no like it one bid.  Mummy caught me in the cat litter eatin' it. It makes her uspset, Iz just confused, maybe...Dunno... It a dog thing. ;0(   - so she growl at me, dat hurs my fweewin's and put me in the udder room awayz from her, I no likez that either. so I am restwicted to the couch not near mummy or the cat litter, it now in place taller dan old Heidi. :0(
So, while Mummy yells at her puter that is broken, I am typin (no thumbs peeps!) on the widdle one.

But, I have a word. dis why Iz here...
Mummy she beez readin' up and learnin' about gwate Faith. The kind Abraham had when God said "just go here, k?" (Hoot paraphrase of Genesis 12). The book sheez be readin' says "The road to Faith passes thru obedience" So she tellz me that we have to Obey first then faith will come and contrary-wise, we have to have faith and then obey comes naturally.  It make like a circle 'rown and 'rown. And that is also - Trust.  She tell me if we really Trust God to care and provide for us den we have show our faith thru obedience. Mummy ask us, Hoot, "Do we really Trust that God will get us to 'Bania?" (note: she weewy mean her, not us  :0(   She also tinkin' that because it is God's Plan,  somehow our story is part of His Big Plan. AMAZING -  if"n weez don't get to 'bania, somebodiez will, an' If''n weez am to go to 'bania, weez will. It is his Plan and he will see it thru to the endz.  Weez just wanna beez used by God, somehow in our widdle life storiez.

Heerz sheez be Lord, Send Herz. She wanna do for you sooo bad!
Nuff Said.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Albania

Here are some wonderful images of the country that has stolen my heart. It shows the need for the Gospel to reach to that part of the world.                                  

This is sponsored by Frontier Missions International from a series entitled "Dispatches from the Front". Go here to learn more about this.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Call

I am reading Bonhoeffer, and yes, me being me it is taking a while to read, think, re read, meditate, maybe with luck understand.  He makes the case that as Jesus passed Levi, (Mark 2;14) he just said follow me and Levi did. Period, no get to know you stage, no big mighty confession. The call demanded an action and so Levi followed. Why do we not do that? Why do we have to "think about it" or hesitate because of all it requires. All we  have to say is "Here am I, Lord, Send me" (Isaiah 6:8). He wants our commitment to a life following Christ, not the excuses why "in a minute Lord, not now".
I am not saying you must not make plans. Lord knows if I tried to take off for Albania today, I would have a mess.  Who would pick me up at the airport? Where do I live when I get there? How do I eat? Money? Plas do have to be made. But I tell you, just committing to Jesus that you will follow him anywhere, leads you down interesting and joyful paths.

It is the commitment he desires.

"The disciple is dragged out of his relative security (which is in truth the relative security of and safety of the fellowship of Jesus), from a life which is observable and calculable (it is, in fact, quite incalculable) into a life where everything is unobservable and fortuitous (that is, into one which is necessary and calculable), out of the realm of finite (which is in truth the infinite) into the realm of infinite possibilities (which is the one liberating reality)." -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

What are your thoughts?