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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Things, New Trips, New Plans

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Mission Goals
  • find ministry or missions opporturnities
  • Continued support for missions in Albania and Australia
Albania is located on the western edge of the Balkan peninsula. It borders Greece, Macedonia, Kosava and Serbia-Montenegro. Albania has access to Ionian and Adriatic Sea. From the strait of Otranto, Albania is 100 km from Italy. The country covers 28,000 square km (11,000 square miles) and has a population of 3.3 million.

The Spiritual Situation
Muslim        70%
Orthodox    20%
Catholic      10%

Here are some interesting religion statistics.  According to the ABS 2006 census (the most recent):
  1. About 13 million or 64% of Australians called themselves “Christian.”  However, only about 7.5% attend any church services weekly (NCLS Research 2004).
  2. The main denominations continue to decline slowly, while 19% of Australians claimed “no religion.”  Another two million did not state or adequately describe their religion.
  3. Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and other religions are still minorities but have also grown, due to increased immigration from the Asian region.
  4. As in the U.S. Australians often identify themselves as a particular religion because of family ties.
Now What
Please prayerfully consider either becoming a prayer or financial partner with me in reaching the world for Christ.
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Thank you so much for all your support.

Bekimin (Blessings
What's going on?
Sometimes God has to tap you on the shoulder, sometimes He has to push you down. Eitherway, if you are seeking His will, He will find a way to get your attention.
As you can see by my Mission Goals, these have changed after a year of preparation. I expected on my timeline to be in Albania by now. God's timing is definately His own.  His plan is also His own.
One thing I am sure of is the last few years have been a growing time. A time of seeking God's will, learning to love others and desiring them to find God's will for their lives.
While I am not sure if I will ever end up in Albania, I do know that a love and desire for missions has been given to me.  I fully intend to support, encourage and do missions.

This summer two opportunities for ministry in Australia have been given to me. One is withHope Street, a ministry to the marginalized in inner-city Sydney. The other is an opportunity to present the Gospel to Primary and Secondary Students at a school in the Sydney area. I am so excited to see what God presents at both of these opportunities.
Of course the fact that I am going "home", get to see my family and Sam is the added bonus! God is good!
I will leave June 5th and return July 31.

What You Can Pray for
  • Continue to pray for the students and staff at the Gjerasim D. Qirazi School in Tirane, Albania
  • Hervin and Sedika Fushekati and their church plants throughout Tirane.
  • Sam graduates in October from Charles Sturt University with a degree in Film, and wants to stay in the Sydney area. Pray also for his girlfriend Tahlia.
  • The people I come in contact with this summer in Sydney.
  • My future plans, where God wants me to serve, who he wants me to serve, and those I would serve alongside with.
  • Easy transition back to the US on July 31. I have to start  back to work as soon as I return.
  • Securing the paperwork, etc. to work while in Australia so as not to accrue a financial burden while there.
  • Financial and Spiritual preparation.

My Blog
I will blog about my trip throughout the summer.

Acts 20:24 "However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace."
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Psalm 33 DOES NOT mean Barking

Heidi here. Been a wong time I noze it. Sorry readers, I have been a deprwessed puppy. Mummy moved us to our own place. And it beez good an all, but I wubbed my yard at 3way and at jackson Garden suites. So I'ze been bad, I ate the curtains and blinds, I pulled up the carpetz. I am now living in a cage. 
But I figurin' Godz bee teachin' me sumtin. Dunno what yet. 

Anywayz, Mummy bee readin the bible for wives (IT IS READ THE BIBLE FOR LIFE - Carol)   orsumtin an she readz to Heidi each night. Da wars and such scares me so she hits highlights and den reads Psalms. We was readin Psalm 33. An I wub it. It all about shoutin to the Lord cos he great. Now I gets in trubble for shoutin, my friend Roxxy taught me to bark. It no good. It talkin back, but dis shoutin IS good. It say sing to Him, thank Him!  Den it tells who is is an how big. Den how bwessed we is when we are His peeps.  It is great. I suggest you read it. If you'nz done know Who He is. Ask mummy she tell you all about in better Engwish who God is and who Jesus be. 

Here I beez posten before and after pics of my new hairz. Day got carried away. 
I is necked so hide yo little on's eyes.

I wub you. Be my friend.
Heidi Yuli-ghi