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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Joy (capital j) gives joy (little j).

I awoke this morning to snow all over the ground. I was warm in my bed (note: i love my bed) with my down comforter, Heidi (the wonder-dog) and one cat. I had my quilt pulled up over my head...ah contentment. Then I realized that it is the quilt that added to my contentment.
My dear sister Joy makes quilts. In fact, I have the honor of owning the very first quilt. It was pink and green (80's version) and in a wall hanging size. I used to hang it on the wall for all to see. That quilt started an obsession for Joy and lots of joy for our family. She set out to quilt everyone in our family a quilt. Not a large
family, but many quilts none the less.
THis Christmas marks a turn around year. My sister Julie received her quilt, and I got one too! The circle was complete. Joy had given everyone a quilt..rejoicing ensued until she remembered she never really finished her husbands! That was quickly taken care of over the next few days... But here is my new quilt. And Julie
s for good measure..
Any how, as I snuggled down in my bed covered by my new quilt (more modern pinks, greens and tans) I felt loved. I felt my big sisters cuddles from when I was small and she was big. That quilt is definately going to Albania even if I have to carry it on my back!
In studying those crazy Israelites in Exodus and their continuous grumbling (not unlike myself), The part where Moses named a place "The Lord is my Banner" came to mind as I snuggled down. "His Banner over me is love" like my tangible quilt, God desires to smother me in love to cover me so I feel wanted, warm and loved. Like remembering my sisters cuddles and love, He wants us to feel his love and know he is there. So when it is hard to not see or feel God, I think I will get out my quilt, snuggle down, remember my sisters love and know that God feels that for me even more even more than my sweet Joy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pride Comes Before a Fall

Looking back over the last year, God has taught me so many things and given me so many things. The biggest of which is my desire to serve in Albania. Along with this desire, God is teaching me to simplify and let go. This actually came pretty easy to me being raised as a PK/MK and moving most of my life every year or two. Material things don't really mean much to me and I never felt like I fit in to the "American" way of collect, gather, keep and get new ones. I finally realized (with God's nudging) that is ok to go with that feeling and not fit in. So this past year I got rid of alot of "stuff" paired down my financial stuff and try to live simply at home. It fits for me. I was just thinking that, wow it is working, I am doing really well with this simplifying...
Never start patting yourself on the the words came across my mind that night, I knew better. For yesterday I totally skrewed up my checking account. The old "thought all checks were thru so I paid more bills". Nope. For the one step forward I thought I had made financially, I slipped and went two steps back. I am resigned to feel that checking accounts are not for me. I am going to simplify with cash.
Any who, the lesson here is don't think, Carol that you have "mastered" anything God is trying to teach me. Humility is part of being a Christ follower and I must never forget it.
Being here at school with out my "marked up" Bible, I cannot find a verse for this thought, but on the way home last night as I was crying saying - You are so stupid to my self over and over - A friend of mine's song came on in the car...

I believe God is
Who He said He is

I believe He will do
What He said
He will do

There is no promise
He will not keep

There is no valley
He made too deep
I will follow where he leads
'Cos I believe.

Do I REALLY believe that? I had to ask myself. God has said he will provide for all my needs. God has said he would give me a desire. God has said if I am obedient, He will sustain. These promises are real. I have to believe that God is teaching me something big before I can go to Albania. The other thing is there is no valley HE MADE too deep. He made it so I would learn from it. All I must do is follow and obey. Not boast about it.

Please pray that God will continue to teach me, that I will continue to be teachable, and I will not boast in myself but what he has changed in me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's Friday night and here I sit
All alone, I can't help it.

Nowhere to go, nothing to do
But I make what I want for dinner
and that's cool

It's Friday night and I'm all alone
Not even a call on the telephone
Nowhere to go, nothing to do
But I watch what I want on TV
and that's cool

It's Friday night and I am bored
If I had any gas, I'd go to the store
Nowhere to go, nothing to do
But I have the best puppy of all
and that's cool

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things to ponder

My sister Julie ( was visiting from Australia the past few weeks, best Christmas present ever! We were sitting in Chili's drawing, painting, drinking Margurita's and she was looking at a magazine and here are the questions she wanted me to answer. So I pose them to you aswell.

1. In my wildest dreams I would...
2. The people I most admire are...
3. What makes me laugh out loud is...
4. What irritates me most is...
5. Lately, I've been thinking about...
6. My favorite posession is...
7. I love my best friend/sister because...
8. My earliest memory is...
9. In 5 years time I hope to be...

Ok, so we will really see who follows my blog, send me a comment.

Monday, January 5, 2009

It may be a New Year but it is still Monday

Well, it is Monday! and it is a new year. Something my first graders can't wrap their heads around. "But we are still in 1st grade?!" Anywho, A new year begins and I have some art project prospects AND people who are actually willing to pay!!! You can go to my new artblog spot at to see what all I can do for you! It doesn't have much "blog" so to speak, but does have art. I just can't believe people will pay for my funky drawings! How awesome is that. But alas, as you know there is another side to every coin.

And speaking of coin, just as soon as I get a break with some
art orders....yep ladies and gentlemen, my septic system backed up, mind you, that's bad enough, but that wonderful son of mine had the stomach flu...yuk.."Mom which commode do I use?" I had no idea what to tell him as they all were backed up and running into the sinks and tubs....mmmm love that smell!
All is almost good now, 2 of the 3 commodes are now flushable. But Tubs and sinks need to be scrubbed before we all get some weird infecti
on. And my commode suffers from a broken pipe - poor thing.
Then our "roomate" for January moved in Sunday night - "welcome, flush with care". He fell in love with Alley, and then his school called an
d said "You must live on campus to get your credit". HA I say. His rent would have paid for the septic system!!!! AUGH!

So while resolutions are being made by many around the world, some of us are just fighting another Monday. I do have plans for my new year however.
1. Do more art, and sell it, put the $ in a drawer for Albania
put the $ in a drawer for Albania
3. SELL THE FREEZER, put the $ in a drawer for Albania
4. SELL THE CAR, put the $ in a drawer for Albania
5. SELL TWO CATS, put the $ in a drawer for Albania
Ok just kidding, the cats can stay, Sam!
6. Study GOd's word!

Chuck said in his sermon last Sunday (series titled "Finding Joy in Gods Word, Psalm 119") that
Donald Whitney states “No spiritual discipline is more important than the intake of God’s Word. Nothing can substitute for it. There simply is no healthy Christian life apart from a diet of the milk and meat of scripture.”
I do believe it will make my life better, less focused on me, more on HIM! He suggests we read Psalm 119 (quite long) a verse or two aday and meditate upon it. I am taking up that mantle. Will you sign that petition with me? I challenge you.

Maybe if we do that, we can see past the Monday's and onto a great New Year and new beginnings.