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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Discoveries

Thursday night:
Eucalyptus oil is awesome for asthma...get a little oil diffuser and away you go to breathing again.
Friday night:
Took Heidi to play with her freinds Sue, Ree and Weezer
Headed for Natchez State Park for a silent Retreat.

Notes from my "Silent Retreat" (ha ha Katrina!) More posted in detail later...

1. Stand in the place where you are...
2. Shine your face towards the son
3. Praise him
4. Praise him some more
5. Ask a question if you must, but after that, praise him
6. God's favorite color is green (look at how many greens there are!, AND it is the color he picked for the first LIVING thing he created.
7. Don't worry, just praise him.
8. Forgive people, then praise him
9. Don't forget to pray for others who need help, then praise him

I am currently reading "Hildegard of Bingen:a Spiritual Reader" by Carmen Acevedo Butcher (a friend from Shorter College days).

"Hear what I have to say, Listen and Obey. Practice repentance. Asking for forgiveness must become a way of life because God revealed himself to you in His son. You must make confession a genuine habit"

"All of God's miracles are accomplished through our praise and through our kindness"

"Be happy inthe One who is Lord of the universe. Continue to follow Him. Love your Creator. After you become happy in God, he'll give you everything good (when our good actions mirror His good intent). Whatever your heart wants. He'll give to you."

And just so you don't think my weekend went "smoothly" as nothing I do does...this was the behind the scenes weekend.

House showing at 345 ran to pick up Heidi to get her out of the house. Met Sam for Old Navy and dinner....Heidi still in car....finally got home around 8 and a very hot and tired dog jumped out of the door and hung herself when her lead caught the armrest. As she dangled she peed everywhere, I dropped the leftover alfredo all over the drivers side seat....'nuff said.

Leave school, pick up Heidi 3;45(another showing), buy a journal, finish laundry, pack for night at Natches Trace, pick up house and do dishes (showing on Saturday) meet Katrina leave by 5.

After the retreat - drive home (got lost for an hour!!! when I ended up in "Bible Hill, TN" thought I might oughta turn around!) finally make it home around 530. Someone looking at the house, turn around head for Katrina's (where Heidi is staying). Get there break in back door (the deck is hazardous). sit there and realize their internet not working, meet a freind back at my house, she wanted to go there to pray while I was away. let her in. go back to Katrina's, sit around with Heidi. Meet friend for dinner (Heidi in the car). Go home around 8 pm to shower and grab sunday clothes. Head back to Katrina's to spend the night with Tiff, her daughter (left Heidi at home)...I thought I would never get "home" that day. Fell asleep on Katrina's couch.

Now, I am ready for a weekend.

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's a Give Away!

My dear freinds at Loop de Lou (Stationary with Style) are having Give Aways every Friday this spring, so go to the link below to see what this weeks give away is (hint: yours truely). Enter every Friday and see what you can win!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heidi maked a new friend

tis me Heidi again on the puter talkin to the world. I has to tell you about the squirrel I met last weeks.

Mommy go bye-bye and i go to play with Sue (Sue not there, I play with Ree instead, that ok) we outside and I sees a little squirrel. He cute i say "i guna git u" and I run to him, cos I Heidi and I love game, and what! he no run he no play games. I confused. I lean in real close to see if he bite or run, he just lean in real close and say " chee rrep reep", I say "rumrup rumrum arrrrr" he say "ceepcheepeep ac arr" He say his name is Santonio.

We continue our conversation for a minute, "arr ruf grrrrrr grum" and he say "ee peech rim gram" and i say ok bye and go lay down. Now Katrina (what lives with Sue) astonished that I don't chase and kill Santonio. I say, don she speak Heidi, don she understand we just checkin out what be up for the day? So Heidi make new friend Santonio.

I hopes I get to see hims again that be double and triple fun at Sues. Oh yeah and Katrina got to pick him up and pet him. He nice boy. Mommy sad she missed it all cos she could have translated for Sue and Katrina.

PS. ReeRee just sayed, "it ain't fittin', it just ain't fittin' for squirrelz and dog to beez friends". Ree got some issues but I loves her.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Last night I was invited to a Maundy Thursday Dinner at a new small mission church in downtown Jackson. City Fellowship ( was started by a number of dear friends from my church. Their vision is clear: to be a cross centered Biblically based church and to minister to the cross-ethnic cross-ecomonic peoples of downtown.

As I sat at my table surrounded by those I might probably love most in my Christian Family I was struck by the feeling of a small taste of heaven. Everyone smiled, everyone hugged, children moved from parents to friends to other adults with such ease and love. It was indeed a family worshiping the God they know as really real. The meal was great , catered by framily also (freinds + family = framily) But the worship was far greater. We sang, read from the Bible and had communion. All this while babies sat on laps that were not choice. Everyone had the wrong kids. I loved it.

Having had a village help raise my son. I know how dear it is to have those around you that you know love your child as much as you do. If I ever had one wish for these women (who I have watched get married, pregnant and raise sweet kids) it is that they have great brothers and sisters in Christ to lean on and share life with.

These are sweet times and will be wonderful memories for this core group of families. I am so blessed to be able to watch that take place.

If you have a minute pray for City Fellowship as they help the homeless and unloved. Pray for the Pflasterer's, Smiths, Roberts,Autrys, Campbells and Leana, specifically as God grows this ministry.