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Monday, June 30, 2008

My Psalm

We are commanded to praise to find joy in the Lord!
Here is my start.

Sitting under my tree, the wind every now and then rustles the wind chime hanging in it. Alley sits below, the tip of her ringed tail slightly tapping. She winks now, as she feigns sleep. It is not hot, not cool, just in between warmth of summer with a stirring breeze that is not hot. The rustle of the leaves have always sounded like soft hand claps in praise and thanks to God for making them. The sound of my shade tree is very smooth and light, and especially happy to be there. Alley has perfect black rings around her green eyes,like eyeliner. She seems very relaxed, for being outdoors. I wish I could remember to spend more time outside - it is so pleasant to spend time to meet with you out here. the wind caresses my face,like a sweet touch or kiss. As it touches my cheeks and causes my hair to tickle my forehead. It is pleasant. Is there a better word for pleasant?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jeezaloo, How to be Upbeat!

So, I went to lunch with some friends the other day. Granted they are older than me , but everyone is...ha! (say mid 50's). Well the conversation revolved around knee replacements, surgery, alzhiemers, law suits, what to do about wayward children... I thought to this what my life has become? Quite depressing! I'm not that old.
Flash forward two days, lunch with a different friend who is 30 years my senior, yep friends she is pushing 75. Picture this conversation....Romania, Albania, South Africa, Sky diving, cruises to Alaska, how you raise kids and let 'em go,how cute the grandsons girlfriend is...
Now like I said, she is 74, the others mid 50's. You can't say this "young" elder friend is not too chatty, but ladies and gentlemen, she is UPBEAT.
Now, I know that life is hard, (jeezaloo, any of you that know me know my life hasn't been easy), BUT God calls us to love and you can only love if you are looking at life thru His eyes, looking for ways to grow, improve and be his hands here in this world. I can't be his hands in this world if I am clasping onto my sorrows. The Bible tells us to give our worries to him, to LET GO all sorrows, disappointments and fears into his hands. Once you have done that, life as Upbeat and not to chatty is easy!
P.S. PONDER POINT: Guess which friends where in better physical as well as spiritual health!!!!

JJ's last blog...I thought it was profound so I copied it


Have you ever been in an accident? Like a really bad car accident that you walked away from practically unscathed?

When the road of life takes a sharp turn, sometimes the car you're in isn't equipped for such sudden and sharp turns and flies off the road into the ditch. That is when you get OUT of the car, look at the crumpled mess (which is so scary to see) and say "Well, I'll really really miss that car, but I'm so glad I'm still here." You become entirely grateful for your life. Your friends, your family, your ability to get out, and keep walkin' on that path...without the car, but you'll make it to your destination in one piece.

I'm grateful.

Monday, June 2, 2008

OK so this is Heidi. My girl. Not a great picture, and it was snowing, but you get the is hairy and not too big. She just learned English and can be quite stubborn, but she is a Cairn Terrier and they are Scottish, you know how they can be. She likes to hear scripture read aloud, no joke. She will "circle-up" with the Youth when we end in prayer. She is also a "Montessori Puppy" she will wait in line with the cats for a drink...very polite. So, she is my little girl, hope you get the joy to meet her if you haven't already. More stories about her later....