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Thursday, July 29, 2010

AUSTRALIA - All good things come to an end, July 24,25,26

Saturday, July 24
Christmas in July

The Vigour Women at Gymea Baptist had a Christmas in July party today. Julie is on the leadership of Vigour and so we had to turn up at the church at 1030 am and basically stayed till about 7 pm.  Our friend Paulette was to show everyone how to do a crafty card and then give a little talk about Christmas Traditions. It was great wearing Christmas colors and decorating the church atrium in a Christmassy mood. 
Sunday, July 25

I thought my plane was leaving at 650 am on Sunday, Julie thought it was at 950 am. So we checked it  on line and lucky we did! It had been cancelled and I was now on VAUSTRALIA airlines....sooooo much better and it didn't leave until 950 PM

Flat Joy says goodbye as she decides to stay!
Cool wall art at the Sydney Airport

Julie (and Joy) at the airport

That also made it better for my LA friends to meet me at LAX!
Dave, Jeanie and me at LAX
After a great burrito at the beach (on the coldest day in So. Calif history), they returned me to LAX to catch the plane to ATL. 

I knew I had returned to the great ol' USA by the long line at Starbucks and the wonderful wardrobe choices made...

I have returned. 
I have lost 3 friends, I am assured of my son's artistic abilities, I have a weird accent in my head, I wish I was not in West Tennessee, but I also know I love the people here so much I missed them terribly, I am still confused as to my future in missions
I have to prep a room for a new school year...

and, for these three (Baldwins) I am ever thankful.
thanks guys for helping me, you really did a lot of work!
Thanks for thinking I rock!

Friday, July 23, 2010

AUSTRALIA - The Inaburra Project and Exaustion, July 23

July 23
The Inaburra Project
After oversleeping we did arrive at Inaburra School early! I needed to set up for the 2nd project with Year 5. this also was a collage but with the seasons in mind. So here they are...
First 1/2 of Ms. Hatton's Class
Other 1/2 of Ms. Hatton's Class

Mr. Butchatsky's Class, "Four Seasons"

These will be sold at auction at the School Fundraising Dinner. I hope they do well.

The School paid me with a gift certificate to "Distractions" a little shop in Gymea that a friend of Julies owns. This is what I picked out...
Thank you Annette for arranging that!

Well as usual, I forgot to take my "stay awake" meds today and by lunch I was soooo exhausted! Julie let me come home (after an afternoon snack of a potato scallop), and nap while she went to the grocery and got all the candy and cookies for my friends back home.

We had Indian take-away - Butter Chicken, yum, for dinner and then watched TV. First night of "nothing" in a while.

AUSTRALIA - Art Project and Artistic Son, July 21 and 22

As I sit here at Julie's dining table having a cup of tea, I am struck by two things, one: I have 2.5 days left :( and how "American" Dr. Phil sounds now. I could get used to life here, but I would miss my NB framily so much. What a world!

July 21
Inuburra School and the Art Project (said "pro-ject")

I went to school with Julie again and started my collaborative art project with year 5. this is to be sold at auction by the PTO to raise funds. I have two year 5 classes and today I worked with Ms. Hatton's class. I set up 4 groups of 7 to make little "collage cards" out of fun paper to be glued onto a canvas. First group was button crazy, second group was flower crazy, third group much more creative (we made smaller ones) and the final group was very artistic. I will post pictures of the final product Friday night.  Unfortunately it took all day, I was in the staff meeting room which is where morning tea and lunch are so it was in use for most of 10:30 to 1230, so I have to go back Friday to do the second class and mount and finish the three projects.

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At 4:30 we headed home and I was sooooo tired (guess I am not ready for school!). Sam is to cook tonight as Sarah is coming over, but as it turned out she couldn't. Julie got her hairs done and came home late.

July 22
Cronulla Shoot

Sam and i caught the train to Cronulla (about 3 stops from Gymea) and walked to the MJ's house (Michael and Madeline Johnson see the Sea Life) to pick up the camera that Matt has. He lets Sam use it.  Sam and I then walked down to Shelly Beach. I took lots of pictures I simply cannot get enough of the beach! maybe now, my friends, you can see why the beach is SOOOO important to me and why I was so disapointed in June.
Anyway, we met Martin Johnson (Matt's dad and a TV guy who owns his own production co. now) and Karl (the senior pastor) at Shelly Beach for a new promo for the new series at Gymea Baptist. It was where the last promo with the starfish was shot (see this link).
Sam had to go potty, Karl forgot his a while later the shoot began.

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I took pics while they did a few takes with two cameras, then Karl took us out for breakfast in Cronulla. Martin then dropped Sam at church, and me to Julies. A Great Day!

We endedd with dinner at the MJ's (Matt and Madeline Johnson)
Matt Johnson (in the middle)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

AUSTRALIA - Dog Whispering and World Famous Artist, July 19-20

July 19
Dog Whispering

It seems even in OZ Dogs need a whisperer. There I was, minding my own business, and up came (I'll call her Rosie) Rosie with her boy and mum. They sat at the little table next to me at Gloria Jeans. Rosie came over to greet me, as almost every dog does and she said, I will be yours today, you need a puppy kind of love. So she layed down at my feet (see picture of my red shoe). Very sweet little beagle.

Sam and I had lunch at K and M and he caught the train to school. I grocery shopped, walked home and did laundry...Typical day in Oz.

July 20
World Famous Artist
I got up early and headed to Inaburra School with Julie. I watched her do her Library thing, and I planned for tomorrow when I will teach two 5th grade classes and make sell-able art for the PTO. (Barker friends, yes this sounds familiar, except this time only TWO classes not 39!)
Julie at her office desk

I met Ethan a special friend of Ms. Chiz (Julie) who exclaimed to everyone who would listen, "this is Ms. Headen, a world famous artist from America, she came all the way from America to Inaburra to see us!"
Ethan holding the painting I did for the Library for Book Week: Across the Story Bridge
Julie teaching Library

Julie does her Computer thang...

AUSTRALIA - Stay on the Path, July 19

This was July 14th reading in a book, "Jesus calling"  by Sarah Young, that Julie gave me...I read it on the 18th - a day of infamy.

"Keep walking with Me along the path I have chosen for you. Your desire to live close to Me is a delight to My heart. I could instantly grant you the spiritual riches you desire, but that is not My way for you. Together we will forge a pathway up the high mountain. The journey is arduous at times, and you are weak. Someday you will dance light footed on the high peaks: but for now, your walk is often plodding and heavy. All I require of you is to take the next step, clinging to My hand for strength and direction. Though the path is difficult and the scenery dull at the moment, there are sparkling surprises just around the bend. Stay on the path I have selected for you. I truly is the path of life."

Psalm 37:23-24
Psalm  16:11

This came right in the middle of me wondering what on earth God is doing with my life. Am I really ever going to Albania, am I to just move home to Sydney? Am I to stay in West Tennessee. Then grief hit and Carol and Cris went on and no longer have to walk of this arduous road. This seemed to fit them too. They are now free, they have clung to His hand as directed and now the sparkling surprise has come for them! What joy!
For now, I will continue to stay on His Path, not sure where it is going, but I'm on it. Will I see you there?

Monday, July 19, 2010

AUSTRALIA - Painting, Newtown and Grief July 16, 17,18

Friday, July 16
Menai Club
Woke up and had tea and crumpet, yum! Feeling sort of English/Aussie.

Walked to the shops and sat at Gloria Jeans outside to drink my coffee and paint a little.
This is the Cronulla Beach Club

 I am sitting right across from the cross walk so I have some interesting people to watch, from kids on scooters to surveyors surveying.

The crosswalks have little chirpy noises, and of course the "angry birds" of Australia. 3 pm is a "shift change" here at Gloria Jeans, new clientel, all the morning people have left and new ones are coming in. AND I just saw a fairy go to the ATM with her mum. Julie picked me up, Sam's friend Dan (who looks like John David) met us at the house and we met our friends Paulette and Bob at "Club Menai", then coffee at McCafe.
Club Menai
Paulette, Julie and Bob
My Scotch Fillet, chips and Salad
Paulette's, mustard encrusted lamb chops and cous cous
Flat Joy joined us
So we sent her for drinks

Julie got her we played with that.and Dan spent the night.

Saturday, July 17
NEWTOWN with Lynn
We ran up to Miranda (mall) and got Julie a new cover for her new iphone and my new red shoes!!!!! So awesome!

We picked up a friend Lynn Whelan and went to Newtown (this is what we do with Lynn) Newtown must be explained. It is near downtown Sydney and has old buildings and streets that have really funky and cool stores and people. Punk, vintage, underwear, jewelry...You might see a guy with his pet rat on his shoulder, a cat on a leash, punks, goths, rock-a-billies, anything.
Found a cool "scarf/necklace" at a punk shop at 50% off!!!! I saw a guy making giant soap bubbles, a japanese girl with a WW1 aviator helmet...

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We walked till we couldn't walk anymore...
headed home to pick up Sam and drop him at the train station, then took Lynn home and met her and her husband Ross at "Tradies" (the Trade Union Club) for dinner.We were all so tired, we ate and came home.

Sunday, July 18
2 am call here, and my dear Cris Fike has died.

Hard night sleeping, but then onto church. I guess if I have to be somewhere that is not Northbrook today, it would be here at Julie's church.
Community Breakfast at Gymea Baptist
Giles'ie at the coffee bar
Julie and Pete

Sam and friends

We had lunch at subway and I took a nap, Julie had a meeting. Sam woke me at 4 as he left early for church. He had to finish an animated video for the RUTH Readers Theatre. We met Pete at church and then out for Chinese, we were the only ones there!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

AUSTRALIA -Pork Rolls, Tillie the dog, and Mexican, July 14 and 15

July 14
Sam had to be at the church early, so Julie got up and took him and went on to do errands. I slept in a little (I think because of those really bad beds at Kiola). But after I got up we cleaned house, well, we straightened up anyway. then we went to Engadine (just down a station or two) to get great Vietnamese Port Rolls....

Yum, we ate it at the Engadine Community Centre park and met Nick a friend of Ali's who is a counselor there. He is from the midwest of the USWe ate with the pigeons and a Cockatoo that flew from light pole to light pole.

We then found the American candy store. We got Sam a Dr. Pepper and Julie some Reeses. We found a great "junk" shop called the Liquidators.
We came home and read magazines and checked email. Julies friend Donna (I knew in grade 6 an 7) and invited us for wine by the fireplace. She has a very New England looking home on the inside and a beautiful back porch and garden that makes you think you are in Connecticut!

At Donna's House

Donna and Tillie

We met Sam at home and went out to eat Mexican in Cronulla at "Sombrero's" sam gave it a "4" , I gave it an 8. Something is always missing from Mexican food here. Sam reckons I should marry a Los Portales Brother and open one down here done the right way. lol
At Sombrero's

This is what they call Guacamole, Cheese dip and Salsa....hmmm

We finished the night by walking thru Cronulla shops to the carpark, then home to bed.

July 15
Julie had to return to school today, so she got up early and left. Sam and I got up about 930 and headed to the church. About a 15 minute walk from Julies. I watched Sam work on the computer making a picture in to a computer animation for the Ruth  Readers Theatre at church. He is so talented. I sure when finished it will be posted on
We had "Morning Tea" with the rest of the staff and before we knew it, it was lunch time. We packed our lunch and ate together till Julie picked me up to go to her work at Inaburra School.
The Inaburra School Library

 I worked on researching Art lessons and looking at what the 1st and 2nd grade teachers do for art. Then Annette, (the Primary Head) asked me to do some stuff with year 5 (5th grade) to make some stuff to auction off with their PTO (boy that sounded familiar).
After school we picked up Sam and he made us Tortillini for dinner, very YUM. Then Julie and I went to Bible Study (LIFE group) at Ian and Melissa Giles' house.
I have been cold and tired all day, hope I am not getting sick!