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Monday, April 30, 2012

Wanted: Time or Tips
I looked at this blog the other day and realized I have been to Australia twice and had a whole school year (practically) since my last post. Not that nothing is happening in my  crazy upbeat life, but that I have way too much going on for a single, __ year old mother of a CairnShitzu.

For the record (of those who complain to me about their 5 hour shift), I wake at 5:45 am, take Heidi out, shower, dress (for unpredictable West TN weather), get coffee, maybe breakfast, leave for school. Hang out with 850 screaming kids from 7:30 to 4:00, head home let Heidi out, change, head to The Red Door Cafe (best restaurant in West Tennessee),  work the usual 5:00-9:00 or 10:30. So If I say I am a little probably should believe me and not try to top my story.
Granted this is my schedule for 2 days.  But I am ____years old.

I would love to excersise, I even have a treadmill and bike at my disposal, but by the time I get home at 4:00 (the days I don't work at the wonderful cafe) I am dead.
So If you have some time left over from your day can you roll them over to me? just asking. Or you could treadmill for me? Will that work?
Maybe you should just come the The Red Door Cafe and leave me a big tip! Yeah, that's better.