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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Merry Georgia Christmas to all

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Kennesaw, Christmas Night

Monday, December 6, 2010

Visiting with HoHo

Sometimes getting that holiday card is not as easy as you think! Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ode to mi Kitteh

Alley Cat Alley Cat, what iz yooz dooning?
I miss your pwudy green eyes and 
watchin' you znoozin'

Alley Cat Alley Cat, who now can snoop?
Dis Puppy is too big and tries
to herd me into a gwoop

Alley Cat Alley Cat, I miss yooz so mutch
You was a good fwriend
even if you waz a catz.

Much wicking and wub
Heidi Yuli-gi

Goodnight Sweet Princess

I have not been on line for quite a while....I have moved again (along story) but I live with the wonderful Manda, isn't she pretty...

And was putting off bringing Old Alley Cat to the new house. My hope was that she would actually be going to a new home at this time. And, I actually had a farm for her. But God and Alley had other plans. Long story short - Wrangler (collie/german shepard) "loves" squirrels and as I put Alley out he said, "Oh thank you new roomie person for a squirrel of my own:" To which Alley replied, "Yeah, come on, I got enough for two of you". so she didn't run (which I was counting on). 10 minutes, much blood (mine) and cat screaming later...I was rushing her to the cat ER and me to people ER.  I lived, my pointer finger almost didn't< and Alley went on to be with the Lord. sigh. Sad, but ready. It was time for her to go, she had about 17 lives not 9. She was 15 and was a very good cat. RIP
Goodnight sweet Princess
This was my welcome to Weatheridge Drive...Ugh! Hoping things get better!