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Friday, December 19, 2008

General Holiday Comments

On Gifts:
If you saw my facebook status I mentioned that the Obama Commemorative Plate was a bad idea no matter which side you stand on. And, I stand by that. I mean come on, Why. Answer that for me. No, really, I want an answer.

On Joy:
On the way home today I saw three guys at an apartment complex parking area "Ghostbusting" the leaves as a team with leaf blowers, looked like they were having the time of their lives.

On Giving:
A shout out of Thanks to the annonaymous (sp) donor who slipped some Christmas moolah under my garage door. It is greatly needed for the trip to visit my family. You will be blessed.

On Santa:
Haven't had a sighting this year, generally they are attracted to me like a magnet. Although those of you who met Daves bro, he is pretty close.

On Christmas Decor:
See earlier post. 'nuff said.

On Baking:
Everyone bakes at Christmas. Why? Kroger or Walmart or Sams are so much better. (With the exception of Nelda's strawberry cake.) You get in the car, go buy it, throw flour in your hair and put it on your plate. Done. Baking is over-rated.

On Traditions:
I highly recommend traditions. If you don't have 'em, get 'em going. We put potatoes (not coal) in the stockings to represent your years "badness". You then eat them with the meal, and start the new year potato free. We used to watch "Father Christmas" a british cartoon about what Father Christmas does on the "off months". But it died (darn that VHS tape). I miss it the theme song was the best...look for it, you'll love it.

On Jesus Birth:
How awesome it is to have an entire season and holidays to mark the birth of our Savior. The one person who is God and Man together! I, for one am so grateful God came to be one of us , then to die for us so I can have a meaningful relationship with Him, with out my sin and badness getting in the way.

Have a Merry Christmas! Celebrate Jesus' Birth with Gifts, Joy, Giving, Decor, Baking (if you have to), Traditions and Talk to Jesus himself! He's waiting.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ba humbugs and Ho Ho Ho's

We all know that the Christmas season brings out the best and worst in all of us. But until this year I had not carried that over to the best and worst in Christmas Decor. Now in my neighborhood we are known as the poor little Jewish family on the corner - you see for the longest time all we had to offer the 'hood was a Star of David on the side of the house and a menorah in the window.

You see the 'hood used to have a competition for outside Christmas Decorations that either guy on left or guy on right across the street have always won. You could light the entire city of London with the wattage coming out of their yards. Anyway, so I just would say "no".

This year driving from the church (across the street) to the house, on the way home from thanksgiving dinner, what do I see? I see the neighbor on the right, putting up lights...once his were lit that night, the next am, the guy on the left to him was at it. (ps. my house is still the dark one as my Star of David died.) For twelve years I have watched this dance continue, but I have to say this year..the guy on the left has outdone himself.

We have our normal yearly assortment, although guy on the right has branched out to colored lights instead of icicle lights. I was sitting in my bed reading to Heidi and I heard this music. "Great", I think, "we are getting bump music down the stree, again". But it kept on. So I grab my slippers and Heidi and we go out to look, peeking around the garage door (which is stuck again) and we hear "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" blaring down the street. Weird. The next night, the same thing but "Jingle Bells", to make a long week short - I think the guy has hooked up the Christmas radio station to his lights and timer!

Ba Humbug to that! I don't like it, I think it is a bad idea.

Sams dorm has a lighting contest. His dorm "Sullivan" is guys and they all pitched in to buy tons of lights...They call themselves the Sulli Bros and the dorm Sulli. They put the lights up on the roof and it spells SULLI , awesome!

Ho Ho Ho's to the Sulli Bros.

So who do you give Ba Humbugs to and Ho Ho Ho's?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

27 Random Wants

Helloooo readers, these are my random crazy thoughts for today. Most center around why Albania, but some do not....some are altruistic, and alas, some are not....

1. Why do I love my Mexican kids so much? They are such a hoot!
2. I w
ant to walk the streets of Tirana and see goats.
3. I want to see a man driving a scooter and his wife sidesaddle behind him with a goat in her arms
4. I want to walk to work

5. I wan
t to board an airplane with most of my life sitting in the cargo hull
6. I
want to listen to Shqip
7. I want to be with people who don't care what Angelina and Brad are doing
8. I wan
t to eat a fresh warm plum from the market
9. I
want my mummy
10.I want to teach art to 8
kids not 26 every hour
11. I want to make art
12. I want to live in 2 rooms not 9
13. I want to watch really old european men play games
14. I want to have a really cool European key
15. I want to talk and listen to foreign dogs
16. I want to see my family
17. I want Sam to be happy
18. I want to meet Sadie
19. I want to teach Carsie to draw
20. I want to show Cole the world
21. I want to go to Italy with Julie
22. I want to go to Australia with JJ
23. I want to walk in the rain with no umbrella
. I want a sandwich from Shroder's
25. I want an old car (that works)
26. I want an itouch ipod
27. I want my bills paid off.