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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sick, Shanghai and Sushi

Tuesday, June 21
Went into Inaburra today, spent the morning cleaning and inventorying tubs. Julie had me using this citrusy spray to clean and yep, got a reaction. Spent that afternoon with a scratchy throat, to make along and painfilled story short, used the sicker...don't remember much about Tuesday night, or Wednesday.

Wednesday Night, June  23
We had tickets for "Shang-hi", a Chinese dance and music extravaganza.Don't remember much, but it was great! It was next to the Queen Victoria Building and I vaguely remember making a movie of that...I will have to look.
This was the State Theatre


Wine and Beer at Concessions

Thursday, June 24
Still really sick, Stayed in bed. Julie took me for sushi for dinner....ok, lettuce and mayonnaise have no place in a sushi roll!

Friday, June 25
Feeling much better. Slept in then got up and cleaned house. Needed it really badly. Julie came home and we headed out to the Como Hotel (very historic) for coffee with some from Inaburra. After that to GPK (Gourmet Pizza Kitchen, like Picasso's)... then a little Harry Potter.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can I be a housewife please?

Monday, June 20
I was a housewife today. I swept, washed dishes, cleaned, cleared, washed clothes and hung it out to dry outside. Absolutely loved it!

Walked up to the shops to do banking and sit at Gloria Jeans and watch the world walk by Gymea. I watched all the prams with babies, then they left for nap and school let out, watched kids hang out at the shops, mums meeting little ones and buying them hot chocolate and cupcakes. Dogs on leashes galore. I remember the feel of my cotton school uniform, legs cool but my jumper on top, and rolled up make you feel toasty. (Maybe you have to have been an Australian school girl to understand that). Little girl came to sit by me (I was drawing), and her mum joined her. She was struggling with spreading her cream cheese. Mum actually took time to teach her how to spread cream cheese on the bagel. Great lesson...good mum.

Being outside all the time is great here. Mild sunny winters. I think I could be a great Aussie housewife. Where is my sugar daddy?

Been drinking alot of it! Want one love?

H3O Church Plant

Sunday, June 19
 Church in the am. Wonderful message by Gil (g as in go) Davis, one of the women on the preaching rotation at Gymea Baptist. Lunch, grocery shopping and laying out on the porch. Sam came by to hitch a ride to H30 the church plant Gymea started in Dee Why (a northern beach area). It was their "Opening Service". The majority of people there were from Gymea, people who have supported the plant. Sam has done photos and videos for them so he was taking pictures that night. It was at the Dee Why Surf Club. They started with a cook out  in front of the Club house and close to the beach, and coffee and sweets upstairs. As people came up they offered them sausage sandwiches (translation, sausage on bread, like a hot dog but not), then tell them what is happening and that a service and coffee are upstairs.

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I talked to Matt, one of the planters and "interviewed" him with many questions. I won't post them here but if you want to know more go to the here, or ask me.

Bondi and a Gig

Saturday, June 18
Supposed to meet Sam and Tahlia in Bondi to get Sam some shoes for his internships.  Julie had a massage and then wanted to go to some warehouse where everything was $20. So Sam and Tahlia came to Julies to meet us. So we went in to Zetland (part of Sydney to a Vickie Vale/Jersey Girl warehouse. It was great.  We then headed to Bondi Junction, a large mall area in the city that is huge and posh. Sam got shoes and a pair of jeans.We also found a great store called TYPO fun papers, notebooks, etc.

heading into Bondi

Ahhh nothing like Indian Food at the Mall!!!


Yes, Yes, I was on an escalator taking this picture,
I thought I would throw up.

Sam and Tahlia, and yes, they are kissing, I think they
didn't see me

That night we headed to a gig of Ali's band "Empire Rising". A girl "Sebora" opened for them, she was great!


A fun "Pull Chain" toilet
A very old Pub

Ali on keyboards

Ali and me

This is where you get pies, good old fashioned meat pies.
Harry's started as a trailer selling pies, and has grown over
the years. Lots of history.

Heidi's Twin, and the DMV

Sunday, June 12 and Monday, June 13 were pretty basic, just hanging around Gymea.
Crosswalk at Gymea

Tuesday, June 14
I got the train all by myself to Rockdale to go get my TFN (tax number) and open a bank account. This has taken almost a weeks to get this together. I finally had success!!!  I met Ali and she directed me to the bank and where the good coffee is in Rockdale. Rockdale is international central. I found a Balkan Bakery and saw lots of scarf covered heads. I got hungry as I walked down to the train and found a sushi bar, I ordered a california roll and he gave me the whole roll! apparently you just walk and eat off it like a hotdog!

Wed, June 15
Sam started his internship at Fox Sports for one week.


Tahlia and Sam ordering at Thai-riffic

Yum Thai food - sam and friends (John David Look alike)

Sams friends at the cashier at Thai-riffic

Me in gymea

Bottle Brush

Thursday, June 16
Picked up Eboni (Heidi's Australian doppleganger) to take to Inaburra school for Julies lesson on the "Harry McClary" books. Eboni looks like Harry the dog. I had a great day cuddling and missing my baby girl.
Friday, June 17
Stayed home and cleaned house. Went to the equivalent of the DMV to get an ID.

Sydney Adventures

Saturday June 11
After a great breakfast and time with Sam and Tahlia (did I mention she likes kitten and believe in faeries=a keeper). we, Julie and I went up to Newtown, the fun funky inner city shopping area. We ate, and Ronda, we almost had an Albanian bathroom moment-I have video...,
View at the Pastizzi and Pastry Cafe in Newtown

How you buy furniture! It was a labrynth!

At each crosswoalk there is this big button that has a tapping sound coming from it
so that blind people can hear it. You push it, then when the crosswalk is clear it makes a churp and louder beeping sound telling you to cross.

The old Brickworks taken from King Street, Newtown

Great Indian Store, they had great spices and henna stuff it smelt beautiful
you could buy sari's and bolts of Indian silk.
furniture store from outside

cool old suitcases outside an antique store, see people I knew I was onto something.

HAD to have a picture of this!

Owl Undies, every Chi O needs them

At the Pastizzi store, you could buy them to take home and cook
pastie at the top, canole at the bottom

wilted candles show how hot it does get in Sydney

Julie ordering our "Italian" lunch. We had pasties (like in Harry Potter) ours had  spinich riccota and  another with salmon ricotta in them....
fun little " Whooville" hats!

Cool store

Owl for Stephanie and Sarah

 Then we headed into the city to Circular Quay to see the art/light installation "Vivid".It is a little winter festival every year. Hopefully I can post pics and videos.

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I got a great Opera House necklace the one of the artist stalls at The Rocks and ate and had a beer at The Mercantile Hotel. Good times.