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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Art: It will make you happy

This was posted on my art I copied it here too...

Overheard by my neice of her 3 year old...

She was first "making a book" for me, and talking to herself all the while. Things like "Let's see now, if I put this part here, then the next picture should be on *this* page, but that doesn't really look exactly like I imagined it..." (giggle) and then she decided that she was going to "open a store" For what? For drawings, paintings, and anything anyone could want that was pretty. (Be still my heart, I think what we have on our hands is a young artist) - then "someone" (as in an imaginary someone) came into her store and she asked "someone" "What can I do for you today, sir? I can draw anything or paint anything you want. A drawing or painting will make you happy."....pause...."It will make you happy because it's just pretty. And pretty things make people happy."

Her Carol is so proud....

Hope, The Word and God's Smile

Romans 15:13 So I pray that God, who gives you hope, will keep you happy and full of peace as you believe in him. May you overflow with hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Dhe Perëndia i shpresës le t'ju mbushë me çfarëdo gëzimi dhe paqe me anë të besimit, që të keni mbushulli në shpresë, me anë të fuqisë së Frymës së Shenjtë!

With this time of economic craziness, and panic this verse speaks volumes about peace and hope. The more I grow old and experience life and my spiritual relationship with God, I am finding it all ALWAYS comes down to The Word. Do we know it? Heck, do we read it? Don't skim on, Do you read it?

I know I don't enough and the biggest fault I have is not praying before I read it - that the Holy Spirit would enable me to really understand it. Instead, I struggle through - I am sure the Holy Spirit rolls his eyes and wonders why I don't just ask him to help.
Last night Boy actually called me to help him study Arts in Western Civ. I have pleaded with him to let me help him (he is not passing) because I know this stuff. Well he turns up and low and behold..."wow Mom you know this stuff, I wish you taught this class!" That does a Mom's heart good.

How pleased would the Holy Spirit be if I just asked him, he knows this subject and book so well! And how pleased he would be. God would smile.
I know my hope is in my God. How can I have hope in this time of my life and the world as it is today, if I don't know what God says. I encourage all of us to read on...

Ephesians 1:18
2 Chronicles 20:6

Nehemiah 9:5b, 6

and especially: Psalm 37:3, 4, 5, 7

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Same sex classrooms; what's your opinion?

Read this article and watch the video. What do you think?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow, Heidi Holes and Snow Days

Hewo again, it is me Heidi.
Today I asked to go potty and ran out and yuk white stuff on my tummy. No understand. So came in. Later asked again. Mommie say you no really wanna go out? I say yes mam. so she open front door I's runs down stairs and onto where sidewalks should be. white stuff on paws, I shakes em, it still there. So I leap ( I is a good leaper) onto the "grass". next think I know I is in white stuff up to neck. O my mommie get me out. i is stuck. she encourage me to be big girl and come out it hard to walk it deep this white stuff. I no like. I not potty in 24 hours...(at least that what mommy think.)

Excuse me! Heidi get off the computer! She sits here blogging and eating snacks on the keyboard. The snow here was great, and yes, there is a Heidi shaped hole in the front yard where she lept into it by mistake...too funny
Hey, no laugh at me
So we got almost a foot, about 10-11 inches here. Not sure of the "official" measure, but with my ruler thats what it is. So now the sun has been out since early am and streets are pretty clear. Sad. I was hoping for no school tomorrow. I think teachers are as bad as kids with wanting snow days....
I think my wicker furniture has had its last successful recovery from weather... sorry Randy. But it has been fun watching the snow fall and continue all night to wake up and find this..very cool. "freshki"
I no speak cheep
ok, cool. Heidi is in a mood today. But If I hadn't pottied in 24 hours I might be sort of fresh too.
hee hee no potty, what she don know...
oh help.