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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Departure and Arrival. June 20 and 21. Sunday 22nd

Ok, so these lovely ladies took me to Memphis to catch my flight. My travelling buddy - Ronda, and my sweet Annie. It was way too early for anyone to be up and driving!

This is the Mississippi River just after take off, Tennessee to the left (east) Arkansas to the right (west).

This shows some weird kind of circluar fields, not sure what that is all about?!?!

 I thought this was cool, where green instantly goes to desert. Not sure where we are but thought it looked interesting.

Coming in to LA lots of  "little boxes".

 No sir, that is not another freeway next to the freeway it is the California Aquaduct. Yes, it is dry. It is California.

 Yay, Smog City.

 You gotta love those cloverleafs.

 So I had 11 hours in LAX. This is me waiting with my luggage for the Virgin Australia gate to open. No, I was not happy!

 I spent a lot of time hanging out here at the Tom Bradly International Terminal.
 Feeling a little like "The Terminal" here...Tom Hanks!

 My departure lounge finally, only 5 hours to go....

 Wishing this was me...sigh

 Finally boarding.

 The view from my seat.

Coming into Sydney...finally.
I made it. I'm back in Sydney. Its been not only a while since I was here, but also since I have blogged.

I survived the dreaded and now famed 11 hour layover in LA (I will NEVER do that again, but alas, I said I would never fly Delta again and....). Sam, Tahlia and Julie met me at the airport at 7 am on Sunday. In an effort to keep me awake, Julie made me go to morning church at Gymea Baptist and then also to night church (the younger crowd). I was allowed to go to bed at

I thought this was hilarious. In the Home Depot type store called "Bunnings" the isle with the nuts, bolts, skrews, called "fixings". 

Sunday, service at Gymea Baptist..just two short excerpts.