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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Portokalli - Got Oranges?

You got oranges? Is your life bearing fruit?What do people say about you and what your life looks like? Both Christian and Non, are watching us. How do we handle conflict? Do we really put others ahead of ourselves, have you died to yourself?
Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Take a minute and take a short measure of your day, were you loving, did you have joy, did you feel peace or promote peace, were you kind, good and faithful, were you gentle with someone, did you control your needs and wants for yourself? AH, the last one is the hardest, self-control.

2 Peter 1 implores that self-control is needed for spiritual growth. Proverbs speaks volumes about how a controlled tongue shows your self-control. Luke says we are to use selflessness with our money, Mark talks about denying selfish urges. Revelation mentions how it keeps us from being sensitive to weaker brothers.
I believe selfishness is cured by service. Philippians 2 talks about service in this respect. I also believe fruit is seen thru service. So here is my question. How are you serving God's people? How are you serving the seekers in this world?

If you are not serving in your church in some capacity, sorry, you are not bearing fruit. You have no oranges. Sorry, no oranges. Face up, fess up. Read Philippians 2.

OK, now that I have offended everyone I know, and you think this is about you in particular, it isn't about you - This was just on my mind....

Camp Out Memories

1. Nigel constructing a sail, then joyously sailing around the island!

2. Emilie "swimming" the raft across the lake.

3. Tiffs busted lip causing her to talk ghetto for real.

4. Olivia yelling "Help, Help"...because her arms were tired of paddling!

5. Tyson waiting until he was right between JohnDavid and Em to shake off the lake water.

6. Burnt foil with air and ashes inside (potatoes).

7. Nigel, Charlie, Jamie and Beau "forging" iron in the fire.

8. Sweet times singing "I am in need" with those that I love!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Six things one must take to "The Hall"

1. Wits. One must have their "wits about them". There are two halls and all the doors look alike. 2. Patience. As you enter the room take a deep breath cos you will either be jumped (for hugs) or screamed at (for attention). 3. Baby Wipes. A must as these people cannot follow simple directions and get stuff everywhere. 4. A good book. To escape at lunchtime and pretend you are not there. 5. Tennis shoes. To run from the principal who wants a favor. 6. Chocolate...enough said.
Question: What do you have to have to survive work?

Friday, October 10, 2008

I no speek cheep but I sit pretty

I is Heidi, mummy bees very busy these days writing essays for damissionaryzorgs. She getz us quite confused. Be she a premillenialist? Be she a having a theology of church? I dunno, we just goez and praises God for all hedoos for us two. He doos so much. I got two cookies today, Mommy got to see Boy. She beez smilin. We lubs him muchly. My english improves, but now we speakin cheep or something al'banian. Mummy says I not go to 'bania cos I not speek cheep. mmm sumtin to think about.

that all for now. mummy back on line soon.
Heidi yuli-gi Headen

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random opinions wanted:

1. What is your view of missionary kid education? Should they go to "foreign" school in the country of their work and learn the language and jump in, be homeschooled, or attend a missionary kid school with other missionary kids.?

2. What makes me think I am up for a cross-cultural experience? Who do I think I am?

3. What makes my experience as a "cross-culture" kid so different than my two sisters ? (to answer this, you would have to have read the Poisonwood Bible or know all three of us) I never really it here or there.

4. What will I do without Heidi? She cannot speak Shqip.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bathing the Cat, in love.

This actually happened a while ago, but I was thinking about it and don't think I actually blogged about it. So if it sounds familiar...pass me on. Late in the summer I was suffering in a terrible way with my asthma. Couldn't breath, just wanted to lay know. I was so frustrated I tore up the living room vacuumed, sprayed, vaccuumed, pulled apart furniture, everything. Then one day, sitting in a living room pronounced "clean", I spied Seamus (shaymus) the "fat cat". He is really hairy and I had threatened Sam that one day he would come home and Seamus would be shaved! As I looked at him and he at me, my breathing became labored, its all his fault I reasoned...So I snagged him. Sam was all "what is going on", "I'm bathing the cat!" He laughed! I ran with Shay to the bathroom threw him in the shower and turned it on, ready to bath him as I do Heidi. Once I got the water on he was in such a daze that he just stood there. I thought, mmmm can't really get to him here I'd better get in the shower too. (NOTE: here is my mistake...) So I strip off my clothes and jump in. Meanwhile Sam has told Cody that I am "bathing the cat" so they creep into my room to listen to the maylay. I grabbed the removable shower head, like I do for Heidi and hosed the sucker down, afterall he is a fat cat what is he gonna do---roll over (Those who know Seamus, know he is lazy and would as soon you step on him than have to wake up and move). So I proceed to hose him down and of course his hair slicks back...I expect to see a fat cat or maybe a skinny one if he is indeed all hair. What stood before me was a sleek, black PANTHER! I yelped, the boys are laughing, I am yelling at them that a panther is in the shower with me, he is all muscle and I am scared. I corner him (tubs really don't have corners, have you noticed?) and throw some cat shampoo on him. No, not gonna (is literally what he said) he looks up at the glass door, crouches that panther like body and leaps, ladies and gentlemen for the TOP OF THE DOORS (about 5 feet), misses and slides down the glass, catching is front paws on the doors handle and is swingling literally 3 feet from the ground (my waist) by his claws screaming. At this point I hear roaring from the bedroom ( I think Cody and Sam are on the ground rolling by now). Of course their perspective would probably more entertaining because I don't know what I said. So I pull him off (claws out) hold him to me and hose him down. Then I pronouced him "clean enough". Grabbed the towel and bundled him up then threw him out. The boys were howling as he flew out the door. I stayed and had a nice warm relaxing shower, picking of wet cat hair from my stomach.
It makes me think of how badly God wants to bathe us in his love, but we run screaming. It might hurt, I might have to learn something, but what if it messes up my hair. We think we are a stealthy black panther who can run from God or jump higher than where God can reach. But no, he is the author and creator and he just wants to love us. I have to say, since I have given everything (almost literally, and literally soon) to God and let him love me in it. I don't care if my hair is messed up. I don't care if you want my sofa, come get it. I don't care if it hurts a little because God loves me and letting him love me is teaching me, molding me and making me a better, "cleaner" cat.
1 John 3:1 How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!