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Friday, September 23, 2011

Room 315, The NEW Art Room

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Art and the New Evaluation Tool for Teachers

Yep, I predict a worse education system in this country and stupider kids, yep I said stupider. All decent careing teachers will quit, all new teachers will not pursue the profession, and who knows what will teach our kids. We teach because we want kids to learn, we are excited and get pumped about kids learning. NOT about paperwork, forced lessons by rote or reading and writing in Art. Art class is for

This is an excellent read:

Thursday, September 8, 2011


WARNING:  Soap Box is placed and I am standing on it!
  With all the "evaluation" crud coming down upon teachers, I am yet again agast at the idiotic ways the "government" thinks we should teach and be measured for our teaching. The new evaluation model, without exception, stifles creative teaching, adds more stress to teachers and therefore students, and asks for teachers to teach in 55 minutes what in all reality would take days. With all this is the "testing" issue. My subject is not tested by standardized tests, and note here- IT SHOULD NOT BE!

       But then how can the "state" evaluate me?  So now, I am evaluated upon what other teachers do or do not teach as reflected on how a student scores on their test. Need I even mention here the kid who sits and in the last five minutes of the test creates a sailboat in their bubbled in circles. Yep, that's fair.

I found this website and I highly recommend it as a good read. If only I could get the government and the powers that be to read it and believe it! Here is a small excerp....
I am certain there are more answers than one can conceive, and much has been written about this question, which seems to be as big as the infamous daunting one, ”What is art?” But the question that truly interests me is, “Why teach art in the 21st century?” Why teach art in an age in which so little importance is given to the subject in a school curriculum? The answer is so simple that it is almost absurd. We live in a global economy, in an age in which infrastructure is the key word to explain economic dynamism, and mobility is the requirement that insures one is ahead of the game. In a post-modern world there is an increasing demand for creativity, seen as the competitive key to innovative ideas and the continuous development of the marketplace. The search is constantly scrutinizing candidates who are attentive, problem solver, and who can make decisions without hesitation.
Those three elements are the answer to my question. To teach art first means to learn about art, and then to make art. Learning art requires attention, and develops the analytical skill to dissect and interpret a situation (a work of art) by focusing on each component and being alert of unexpected paradigms. Art students not only make works of art, they also make decisions, and must take full responsibility for choices that are wholly theirs. They learn the skills to address unknown situations and all issues that rise from it; whether it is a technical problem, a conceptual issue or an unforeseen logistic wrinkle.
We teach art in the 21st century because the 21st century needs creative minds that can face the complexities of a multilayered reality, offer solutions, and follow through their completion and successful outcomes. Art teaches abstract principles that fully prepare the young mind for adult life. Once acquired, they can be applied to any subject and any aspect of life."

Thank you

Sunday, July 24, 2011

tuppaware, it all ends here, and too many kids

Saturday, July 16
Julie had a tupperware party, so cleaning, snacks and Tim the Tupperwareman were the adgenda. Once they all left we went and saw HARRY POTTER: THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Part 2.  Woot! So excellent!

Sunday, July 17
Set up the room for the Art component of Kids Activity Day at Gymea Baptist. Here are some pics

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A VERY long day. Got there at 730 and left at almost 6 pm.

Tuesday, July 19
I was sick today. too many kids, and a sore body with a cold. Sweet Sam came by and got me medicine and I gave him lunch...while I continued to sleep. Crazy cold wind, all night and big rain for around here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday in the Park

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The Reason I'm Here and Uncle Bruce

Sunday,July 3 to Friday, July 15
These two weeks were mostly filled with Hope Street-Urban Compassion preparing for the Kids Activity day at Gymea Baptist.

Helen would pick me up at 745 and we would weave thru traffic into Woolloomooloo (Sydney) See map

Woolloomooloo is a dicotomy of rich and poor. Within blocks of each other you have the highest concentration of homeless people in Australia and the most expensive condos. I spent my days there helping Helen with the year end receipts on computer, mail merging and stuffing envelopes. I would also take time to go "down" to the Back Shed Cafe or the Art Space to see who was hanging out and talk to them. Then around 430 I would climb the hills up from Woolloomooloo to  Kings Cross Station (quite a steep hill), and catch the train for about an hour back to Gymea (Where Julie lives). 
I went in Tuesday July 5, Friday July 8, Wednesday July 13, Thursday July 14 and Friday July 15. I will  blog in more detail about that.
Across the street from HopeStreet,
A local guy who feeds the cockatoos each morning

The desk I was at had a very fun and creative owner..
thanks Tim for sharing your space.

Yes, this stared at me as I worked for an urban mission 

View walking down from Kings Cross Station

The city

Outside a tenement house

The station

Alley cut thru to the cafe

This square houses the most homeless in Australia,
and if you walk to the end of it you see Finger Bay Warf
where the rich and famous like Russell Crowe live.
....literally blocks from Hope Street.

Government housing

the train track over Woolloomooloo in the city
Tim, Helen and Beth at Hope Street Urban Compassion
Pray for Hope Street Urban Compassion with all the ministries they support. Pray for continued government and Baptist support, for financial and prayer partners and for the staff of Hope Street.

I also had meetings for the Kids Activity Day at Gymea Baptist Church.

While this week passed we also went to visit our Uncle Bruce, my Dads, sisters husband. He is one of our favorites. Sadly however the week prior he suffered a stroke, in his spine! And now he is paralysed from the waist down...odd huh? But Uncle Bruce is a "glass half full" kind of guy, I guess from running the Baptists here for years (ha ha). But he has a fantastic attitude, goes to Physical therapy every day to build up his core and upper body. Please pray for him, we are praying for a miracle. He has had a miracle healing before and his with us still for a reason! So we went North to the Northern Beaches to Forster to visit with him for two days.

Uncle Bruce and me

Julie with Uncle Bruce

Forster Beach

Ahhhh relax and watch

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beach, Bob and Brazilian BBQ

Sunday, June 26 -  Saturday July 2

This is the second week of school holidays here. we have been relaxing and just hanging out. We take quick driv es to the beach (Cronulla) and walk around there. Met Sam and Tahlia yesterday for coffee there. Sam is staying in Cronulla while he does his internships in Sydney. He will return to Wagga in 2 weeks and won't be as accessible to me....(sad face).
I have visited with old friends. Paulette (who would be a pepper sister for sure) and had great hazelnut coffee made by Bob her husband...he makes the best coffee, sorry Kayran. Ate Indian from my new Indian friend at the Indian Family Diner Take Away.
Hung out with Ali for her 30th birthday! For TWO parties! Ate Brazilian BBQ and hung out at the Pub (one of many locals)

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sick, Shanghai and Sushi

Tuesday, June 21
Went into Inaburra today, spent the morning cleaning and inventorying tubs. Julie had me using this citrusy spray to clean and yep, got a reaction. Spent that afternoon with a scratchy throat, to make along and painfilled story short, used the sicker...don't remember much about Tuesday night, or Wednesday.

Wednesday Night, June  23
We had tickets for "Shang-hi", a Chinese dance and music extravaganza.Don't remember much, but it was great! It was next to the Queen Victoria Building and I vaguely remember making a movie of that...I will have to look.
This was the State Theatre


Wine and Beer at Concessions

Thursday, June 24
Still really sick, Stayed in bed. Julie took me for sushi for dinner....ok, lettuce and mayonnaise have no place in a sushi roll!

Friday, June 25
Feeling much better. Slept in then got up and cleaned house. Needed it really badly. Julie came home and we headed out to the Como Hotel (very historic) for coffee with some from Inaburra. After that to GPK (Gourmet Pizza Kitchen, like Picasso's)... then a little Harry Potter.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can I be a housewife please?

Monday, June 20
I was a housewife today. I swept, washed dishes, cleaned, cleared, washed clothes and hung it out to dry outside. Absolutely loved it!

Walked up to the shops to do banking and sit at Gloria Jeans and watch the world walk by Gymea. I watched all the prams with babies, then they left for nap and school let out, watched kids hang out at the shops, mums meeting little ones and buying them hot chocolate and cupcakes. Dogs on leashes galore. I remember the feel of my cotton school uniform, legs cool but my jumper on top, and rolled up make you feel toasty. (Maybe you have to have been an Australian school girl to understand that). Little girl came to sit by me (I was drawing), and her mum joined her. She was struggling with spreading her cream cheese. Mum actually took time to teach her how to spread cream cheese on the bagel. Great lesson...good mum.

Being outside all the time is great here. Mild sunny winters. I think I could be a great Aussie housewife. Where is my sugar daddy?

Been drinking alot of it! Want one love?

H3O Church Plant

Sunday, June 19
 Church in the am. Wonderful message by Gil (g as in go) Davis, one of the women on the preaching rotation at Gymea Baptist. Lunch, grocery shopping and laying out on the porch. Sam came by to hitch a ride to H30 the church plant Gymea started in Dee Why (a northern beach area). It was their "Opening Service". The majority of people there were from Gymea, people who have supported the plant. Sam has done photos and videos for them so he was taking pictures that night. It was at the Dee Why Surf Club. They started with a cook out  in front of the Club house and close to the beach, and coffee and sweets upstairs. As people came up they offered them sausage sandwiches (translation, sausage on bread, like a hot dog but not), then tell them what is happening and that a service and coffee are upstairs.

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I talked to Matt, one of the planters and "interviewed" him with many questions. I won't post them here but if you want to know more go to the here, or ask me.

Bondi and a Gig

Saturday, June 18
Supposed to meet Sam and Tahlia in Bondi to get Sam some shoes for his internships.  Julie had a massage and then wanted to go to some warehouse where everything was $20. So Sam and Tahlia came to Julies to meet us. So we went in to Zetland (part of Sydney to a Vickie Vale/Jersey Girl warehouse. It was great.  We then headed to Bondi Junction, a large mall area in the city that is huge and posh. Sam got shoes and a pair of jeans.We also found a great store called TYPO fun papers, notebooks, etc.

heading into Bondi

Ahhh nothing like Indian Food at the Mall!!!


Yes, Yes, I was on an escalator taking this picture,
I thought I would throw up.

Sam and Tahlia, and yes, they are kissing, I think they
didn't see me

That night we headed to a gig of Ali's band "Empire Rising". A girl "Sebora" opened for them, she was great!


A fun "Pull Chain" toilet
A very old Pub

Ali on keyboards

Ali and me

This is where you get pies, good old fashioned meat pies.
Harry's started as a trailer selling pies, and has grown over
the years. Lots of history.