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Monday, January 11, 2010

KontaktmissionUSA Retreat

Sunday, January 3 Janet says to me, "So you ready for the retreat Thursday?" Augh! it is that time already! So after unpacking and washing I  packed again for four days in the mountains and snow. It has been a long time since I lived in Seattle (14 years) so I had to really search for my hiking boots (that are older than my son!) scarfs (never found them) hats (lost too) gloves (ahah! in the coat pocket!) and thick socks (wayyyyy in the back of the drawer). Janet runs downstairs to tell me she was ready early can we get breakfast after we drop Hailey off at school. I said, "Yes, great except school is closed!" Hailey ran around  "no school, no school!" After childcare was re-secured, we (Dr. J, Janet and myself) hit the Jeep and ventured off in the general Easterly direction of Pigeon Forge/Sevierville. That in itself was a mystery. This place is owned by the CIA or something because they have no address, we they can't give it to you and only release directions the day before you leave....sumtin' to think about....We followed the obscure directions and made it before dark. As the snow built up others arrived in ones and two's until the mountain road would not accept any other than a 4-wheel drive.  Dr. J took trips up and down the mountain switchbacks all night until 2 am, even taking a couple who were not "ours" to their cabin by mistake!

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So, What did I learn?

1. It is not about me, I am just a tool, a happy obedient child, it is God's thing.
2. Simplify, don't let anything distract you from the quest of the King. (1Cor.7:35)
3.What seems unfair to me, may not be from God's eyes. Do I want to be treated fairly or do what pleases God?
4. God's way seems best, even if it feels improbable or unlikely. (Joshua 1:7)
5. Living by faith means letting go, God has it covered, it is his plan, he will complete it.
6. We are called to be wanderers in this world.
7. If I can be talked out of going, it is not a calling.
8. If you are doing it right, it will hurt. Like rugby, you will come out dirty, sore and sacrificed.
9. Be aware of your gifts, but also to new things we might have seen as weaknessess.
10.Giftedness is closely related to but not equal to calling.
11. Look at how God is workingin your life and use it to find your calling.
12. Trust God with my stuff, my finances, my family, my health.
13. Be strong and contagious! or courageous...depends on your translation!
14. Rejection keeps you humble, it is NOT the measure of your calling.
15. Learn to receive.
16.Don't forget to give. Just because you receive support does not mean you do not give.
17. Look for God's fingerprints.
18. Stay connected to God, This is the most important and the reason for the mission.
19. stay connected to supporters and other missionaries.
20.Faith and Haste do not mix well.

C.H.Spurgeon says,
"The child of God works not for life, but from life; he does not work to be saved, he works because he is saved."